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At Hirsch/Hills, we bring a liberal-arts approach to problem-solving. Often, we find that the best and most innovative solutions for your in-sector problems are inspired by out-of-sector examples. Our tenacious cross-sector research and in-field experiences keep Hirsch/Hills on the cutting edge, allowing us to attack your organization’s situation from unique — often startling — vantage points.

We are pragmatic consultants. We quickly bring to the surface useful and practical highlights that you can apply immediately. Hirsch/Hills’ fresh perspectives will inspire and refresh you — and empower and embolden your organization to move in new and groundbreaking directions.

Please visit Lisa at her recently launched website www.hillsassociates.com

A square peg can learn a lot from a round hole. And you can learn a lot from a team of cross-sector specialists.”



A lot of knowledge goes a long way.
Good directions get you there.

Organizational Strategy

Hirsch/Hills excels at identifying and improving organizational strengths and weaknesses across sectors. Our areas of focus include: leveraging human capital, organizational design, organizational culture, organizational change and transformation, and human resources.

Leadership Strategy

Hirsch/Hills has great success in working with clients to create and maintain effective leadership development strategies. Areas in which we work include: high performing teams, executive coaching, leadership branding, 360 feedback, and management development.

Talent Management

Hirsch/Hills excels in working with clients to improve their talent management and acquisition strategies. Recent projects include: career development systems, succession planning, high potential systems, diversity integration, and career centers.

Student Success

Hirsch/Hills’ experiences working both inside and outside institutions of higher education allow us to offer unique insights into: student engagement, career and academic advising, and student-centered customer service.

Results speak louder than words.

Case Studies

Case Study 1

    Career Development Center (CDC) at Ivy League institution.
    To assess career development center and provide recommendations for improvement.
    Conducted organizational scan of CDC including: staff and key external stakeholders (faculty, administrators, students, alumni, etc.). Reviewed programs/services and evaluated against best practices.
    Analysis of CDC structure and services including CDC in university-wide context. Recommended roadmap to re-position CDC and to align its role with institutional priorities, increase visibility and enhance reputation.

Case Study 2

    International council of CTO’s from leading technology, communications and professional service firms.
    Provide new understanding of organizational transformation to support transition from product sales orientation to systemic customer-driven solutions.
    Technologically-oriented audience requires tools to implement new customer-driven approach. Need to present organizational change theory to resonate with technical audience.
    Designed and presented multi-dimensional change model (The Art and Science of Change) to illuminate requisite elements of successful organizational transformation. Used lessons from latest findings in neuroscience research to engage participants and create strategies for leading effective change efforts.

Case Study 3

    International animal rights organization.
    Optimize opportunities afforded by move to new open-design world headquarters.
    New work environment requires new work styles and offers opportunities for greater collaboration and communication.
    Established Transition Team composed of representatives from across the organization to support employees pre, during and post move. Led Transition Team in gathering information and vetting employee concerns through focus groups and departmental meetings. Created work place standards and protocols designed to promote collaborative and efficient organizational culture in new environment.

Case Study 4

    World’s leading publisher of business and management content.
    Highly satisfied, sophisticated work force needs to re-invent itself to respond to new market challenges.
    Current culture values deep content expertise and reflective thinking. New market demands require innovative approaches to content and format and capacity for rapid change. Work force talent needs to be realigned with ambitious new strategic goals.
    Analysis of current landscape revealed systemic misalignment between desired goals and present-day culture. Created talent management model to support new strategic directions and organizational values with emphasis on high-potential employees and emerging talent.

Clearly great strategists and big picture thinkers, but they also execute very effectively. Working with them is always stimulating, often inspiring, and also a lot of fun. They will definitely move your organizational needle.

Wendy Starr,

former Vice President, Human Potential, Imagitas

Hirsch/Hills' in-depth knowledge of the subject matter is evident on each and every topic. Their approach to delivering the message is relaxed, thought-provoking and therefore very effective. They very quickly understood our group dynamics and, as a result, were able to reach every staff member. We will certainly recommend Hirsch/Hills to anyone!

Joanne Healy,

Senior Vice President, Institute for Healthcare Improvement

After just minimal interaction, they had great insights into the strengths of individuals, and identified those new skills needed to enhance their performance and their career. [Hirsch/Hills'] ability to work with individuals to improve both personal and team performance was a tremendous value for the whole organization.

Patty A. Norton,

Vice President, H&R Block,TaxCut Development

Marcie Schorr Hirsch and Lisa Berman Hills are the best in the business at helping organizations and high-performance teams shape their vision and set their strategic goals -- particularly those organizations that have recently undergone dramatic change.

Ken Gornstein

Assistant Vice President of Communications, Brandeis University

Hirsch/Hills is able to quickly assess a "problem" that a company faces and put it into a strategic context that simplifies the problem solving and builds competency within an organization to identify and resolve complex issues facing management such as organizational design, strategic planning, and senior executive recruitment and team building. They are a joy to work with and committed to delivering exactly what the customer needs and wants.

Kathy O'Loughlin,

Former President and CEO, Delta Dental, Dental Service of MA

Our desire to develop a comprehensive talent management philosophy and program that would be clearly aligned with our company's goals was a huge undertaking. Hirsch/Hills helped us immensely, because they took the essential first step of learning who we truly are—"got under our skin," so to speak. By understanding what makes us tick so successfully now, where we are along our cultural path, and where we need to be in order to deliver on our long-term goals, they helped us truly challenge ourselves. That process has brought us to what I believe is a robust, outstanding talent development and management program that we all will be proud of.

Toni Smit,

Vice President, Human Resources and Administration, Harvard Business School Publishing


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