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At Hirsch/Hills, we bring a liberal-arts approach to problem-solving. Often, we find that the best and most innovative solutions for your in-sector problems are inspired by out-of-sector examples. Our tenacious cross-sector research and in-field experiences keep Hirsch/Hills on the cutting edge, allowing us to attack your organization’s situation from unique — often startling — vantage points.

We are pragmatic consultants. We quickly bring to the surface useful and practical highlights that you can apply immediately. Hirsch/Hills’ fresh perspectives will inspire and refresh you — and empower and embolden your organization to move in new and groundbreaking directions.

Please visit Lisa at her recently launched website www.hillsassociates.com

A square peg can learn a lot from a round hole. And you can learn a lot from a team of cross-sector specialists.”



A lot of knowledge goes a long way.
Good directions get you there.

Organizational Strategy

Hirsch/Hills excels at identifying and improving organizational strengths and weaknesses across sectors. Our areas of focus include: leveraging human capital, organizational design, organizational culture, organizational change and transformation, and human resources.

Leadership Strategy

Hirsch/Hills has great success in working with clients to create and maintain effective leadership development strategies. Areas in which we work include: high performing teams, executive coaching, leadership branding, 360 feedback, and management development.

Talent Management

Hirsch/Hills excels in working with clients to improve their talent management and acquisition strategies. Recent projects include: career development systems, succession planning, high potential systems, diversity integration, and career centers.

Student Success

Hirsch/Hills’ experiences working both inside and outside institutions of higher education allow us to offer unique insights into: student engagement, career and academic advising, and student-centered customer service.

Results speak louder than words.


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