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Clearly great strategists and big picture thinkers, but they also execute very effectively. Working with them is always stimulating, often inspiring, and also a lot of fun. They will definitely move your organizational needle.

Wendy Starr,
former Vice President, Human Potential,

Hirsch/Hills' in-depth knowledge of the subject matter is evident on each and every topic. Their approach to delivering the message is relaxed, thought-provoking and therefore very effective. They very quickly understood our group dynamics and, as a result, were able to reach every staff member. We will certainly recommend Hirsch/Hills to anyone!

Joanne Healy,
Senior Vice President,
Institute for Healthcare Improvement

After just minimal interaction, they had great insights into the strengths of individuals, and identified those new skills needed to enhance their performance and their career. [Hirsch/Hills'] ability to work with individuals to improve both personal and team performance was a tremendous value for the whole organization.

Patty A. Norton,
Vice President, H&R Block,
TaxCut Development

Marcie Schorr Hirsch and Lisa Berman Hills are the best in the business at helping organizations and high-performance teams shape their vision and set their strategic goals -- particularly those organizations that have recently undergone dramatic change.

Ken Gornstein
Assistant Vice President of Communications
Brandeis University

Hirsch/Hills is able to quickly assess a "problem" that a company faces and put it into a strategic context that simplifies the problem solving and builds competency within an organization to identify and resolve complex issues facing management such as organizational design, strategic planning, and senior executive recruitment and team building. They are a joy to work with and committed to delivering exactly what the customer needs and wants.

Kathy O'Loughlin,
Former President and CEO,
Delta Dental, Dental Service of MA

Our desire to develop a comprehensive talent management philosophy and program that would be clearly aligned with our company's goals was a huge undertaking. Hirsch/Hills helped us immensely, because they took the essential first step of learning who we truly are—"got under our skin," so to speak. By understanding what makes us tick so successfully now, where we are along our cultural path, and where we need to be in order to deliver on our long-term goals, they helped us truly challenge ourselves. That process has brought us to what I believe is a robust, outstanding talent development and management program that we all will be proud of.

Toni Smit,
Vice President,
Human Resources and Administration,
Harvard Business School Publishing

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