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The Hirsch/Hills Model
A hallmark of Hirsch/Hills consulting is our ability to quickly capture the unique culture and context of our clients. We view your challenges through multiple lenses, enabling us to see new possibilities. Then we generate creative, workable solutions and provide you with a roadmap for implementation. Here’s how we do it at Hirsch/Hills:

Step 1: Framing
Our first step involves asking the right questions to highlight core issues as well as probing internal and external stakeholders for their perspectives. These interviews and focus groups, in conjunction with real-time observation and review of relevant data and documents, enable us to identify key organizational themes and patterns. From this we create a new organizational snapshot, defining and positioning critical issues in a new way.

Step 2: Inventing
Having framed the core issues, our next step is to generate innovative, workable solutions that begin moving your organization forward. While there are always many potential solutions, our focus is to identify those strategic levers that will have maximum impact.

Step 3: Solving
Moving the consultation from the conceptual to the practical, Step III translates recommendations into operational blueprints. Hirsch/Hills guides you through solution implementation, partnering with you to implement your action plan and making appropriate course corrections along the way.

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